Self Balancing Scooter – Firescycle F528

There are a number of fancy models of electric scooters available in the market today that can make you look groovy and fashionable while riding them. All of these models have unique features and cater to the different tastes of those who are fond of riding a unicycle. The features are different and include brake assist, sitting or standing options. Some electric unicycles also come with or without handlebars.

For self balancing scooter of F528, manufacturing by Firescycle this self balancing scooter has some top functions and can be carried conveniently to metro stations and buses. It has 528 Wh battery that can be enjoyed for 70 km per range. It has a sleek black body that makes it a neutral design and can be used by males as well as females. Its main features comprise over speed protection of up to 18 M/H open, battery volume alert, LED headlight and Braking Tail lights and fault Live Voice Reminder.

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