Indicator List & Charging of Mini Smart Scooter

While we ride a mini smart scooter, 2 important things need to be kept in mind like indicator light and charging. The green light attached to Mini Smart Scooter will start flashing when your battery will remain two-thirds. At this time the electric quantity is sufficient to support the electric scooter. However, the green light will start flashing incessantly when the electric capacity of your electric scooter is one-third. At this point it is recommended to stop and charge your self-balancing unicycle.

The battery of your mini smart scooter will be fully charged when you purchase it from the market. However if it is in need to be recharged again then you have to charge it by connecting your smart scooter’s charging source with the electrical switch. It may take around 2 hours or more for the battery to be fully charged as the battery capacity is larger. So it is recommended to wait patiently. When the battery is being charged the light will be red, however once the charging is full, you will see that the light on the charger has become green.

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